Refund policy

Refund Policy – Mayla Boutique

Mayla Boutique is a definitive online clothing store, You as our loyal customers, are the heart of what we do and why we do it. Every day, dozens of customers reach out to us for their high-quality comfort wear. We ensure the responsibility and responsibility to make your experience happy and satisfactory with us. Our website helps you find what you want and we promise to deliver you exactly what you have selected for you. To give you a revamping online clothing shopping experience, we customize our refund policy according to your needs.

Online Purchase & Return Policy

Online purchases are deemed its perks and flaws. As it offers you the reliability to get what you want by sitting in your home's comfort, sometimes it becomes a bit frustrating. Maybe you could not ask for the exact size of yours, or possibly your package gets exchanged. For all that purpose, Mayla Boutique is here to accommodate you accordingly. There are certain rules that we prefer to follow while offering you a return and refund.

  1. Any return has to process by sending an email to
  2. Customers that wish to return their purchases are welcome. However, the purchases must be not worn, the tag should be on (if applicable), not washed, not damaged, etc.
  3. We will reply with accepting the return request or not
  4. Any cost for the shipping will be the customer's responsibility
  5. After processing the shipping payment will be e-mail a tracking label that the customer can use to return the products
  6. After we receive the products, examining them, we will process the refund which could take 3 to 4 business days

Regular Price Items


If you're not satisfied with your product or clothing design, we can accommodate you to return it and get back your money. You can get your full money back through our refund policy only if you're able to return the product within 14 days of receiving the product/s. After getting the parcel, we can return your money within 14 days following the complete procedure.

As we take extra precautions in handling these events, it sometimes takes 10-14 additional days for us to reach you with your full refunded payment. We appreciate your patience and empathy thoroughly.


If you've got a wrong package or clothing item that is not your size according to the requirements you added while purchasing, Mayla Boutique can accommodate an exchange for you. However, the Customer will be responsible for returning the product's shipping fees.

For Sale Items


If the refund is requested for a sale item marked less than 30% of the sale, the refund can be claimed within 14 days from the shopping date. For sale, items marked as discounted for more than 30% are considered final sale and do not entertain any refund. For sale refund, no original form of payment is available.


Mayla Boutique can only entertain exchange for sale items if it involves a mistake at our end. The wrong parcel or entity can be exchanged. If you want to take another product in exchange for your previous product, we're sorry that it cannot be entertained.